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Wednesday, June 8, 2005

1:36PM - Mera naya "business"

I shifted my basecamp from polluted MG road to race cource road, taangewali also went to land of Kaalahandi to take some rest, dont know where she will start earning rozi roti.

From the top of the building I saw the builtiful Bangalore race cource and "mera jee lalchaya", aaj_ki_mousi only knew that aaj_veeru is a big "juaari", but I was also a expert punter and later a bookie at "bailgadi race" at "Ramgarh Ka Mela".

Here also I think I can use my expertise to make some quick buck (nahhh not the "black buck", Its only for Nawabs and Khans).

To Ramgarh Vasiyon, mousiyon aur Basantiki choti behano, checkout this space for race updates and scores.

Monday, April 4, 2005

12:43PM - Dont say "Bubbly"

I hate the new Pepsi ad. And so do other right thinking people.

But sadly, they have plastered it so much all over TV, that it just keeps bouncing around in my head for an hour as soon I hear "bubbly". I hate Pepsi.

Aamir's Coke ad is so much nicer.

Speaking of nice ads, here is The Slickest Ad Ever.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

7:28PM - Life insurance

Happened to my colleague

He: Hello
Troll: Calling from ** insurance, would you be interested in our life insurance?
He: No, I already have one
Troll: Sir, we have a special covergage that no one else offers....sooside
He: ???
Troll: It is not valid if you commit s00side, within a year of taking insurance.

aaj_veeru, since u have s00sidal tendancies..mebbe u will be interested. Am sure ur dear basaNti will like it

Monday, March 14, 2005

12:45PM - PageHunt game clue: Tax defaulters face the music

In the spirit of the PageHunt game, here is today's clue.

City authorities are having drums played non-stop outside the homes of offenders who have not paid their taxes after many repeated demands. The drumming stops only when the taxes are paid. So far, it has succeeded in clearing 18% of the backlog!

Your mission is to find the URL to this news article OR to post the name of the city trying this out.

Your secondary mission is to make smart-aleck remarks about this plan and post them here.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

2:39PM - Game idea

The last post has given me an even more brilliant idea.

How about one person describes something interesting they have seen on the net WITHOUT USING the hot keywords. Then everyone else has to find the URL where the article is described.

2:36PM - Ring moans for phones

From today, I am going to post some business ideas to the community every day so people can reach their full potential and invite me as a consultant and I can retire in luxury.

The first idea is to have oooooh-aaaaah sounds for ring tones. This has the potential of embarrassing the hell out of the buyer, and annoying all his friends, so it will obviously sell really, really well.

I have stolen the idea from the internet. Since nobody has heard of it, my plagiarism will be undetectable. Yay for me.

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

1:34PM - I'm back

Texas main oob gaya mera mann, me coming back to ramgadh. I driving Porsche Carrera when officer ticketed me for handsfree driving. Could not file a case for equal ooportunity driving as such a law was not yet passed. Anyway, once I come back, I'll see if I want to move to sandalwood or not

Monday, March 7, 2005

5:42PM - Casting suggestions: Who should play the assassin-mother here?

This is the synopsis of my movie...

A honest 30-year old IAS officer posted in a village in UP is killed when he exposes some massive corruption in a hydro-electric project there. This should be Hritik Roshan because he will die a gruesome death and he can evoke sympathy without looking like a weakling.

His parents have lived in the city all their lives and had always opposed him joining the IAS because they felt he was too idealistic and would be frustrated there. His father is an industrialist and funds two investigators to bring the guilty to book by lawful means. Depending on how much fire-power I decide to give the father, he could be played by Amitabh or generic "old man" types like Alok Nath. When the investigators find evidence, they and the father are murdered.

The mother has been a self-effacing woman, reveling in the success of her husband and son all her life and she is shattered by the deaths. As her husband's pyre burns, she realizes she has nothing to live for and takes a step towards it. At this point, a shady figure tells her, "They were warned. Dont make the same mistake," before escaping. Read more...Collapse )

Monday, February 14, 2005

7:34PM - Becoming a rapper

A little bird tells me swargiy_jai is planning to become a rapper.

I don't think I can be a rapper, but I would certainly like to become a WRAPPER for Beyonce Knowles - she certainly seems to need one.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

1:35AM - Parveen


Nice video.

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